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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

Our business checks are cashable at your nearest Wells Fargo location. Other buyers, like CarMax, issue you a “draft”—which resembles a check, but it is not cashable. Their drafts are for deposit only and will not process for several days. We don’t pay with float-filled funny money as our competitors do.

Why won’t you pay me in cash?

Because it is simply not safe to carry that much cash or keep it at the office. For the safety of our drivers and our office staff, we offer bank checks which are cashable at any Wells Fargo bank.

How long to get my offer after I submit my VIN to the website?

Estimates are provided online instantaneously. For our full offer, if you included the correct 17 digits VIN, multiple pictures, and a description, and do so during normal business hours, expect 30 minutes. We will call you to verify your information about your vehicle and ask you any additional questions we need to be answered to value your vehicle correctly.

How long is my offer good for?

Offers are good for 72 hours from the date of our official offer to purchase.

Will you beat my CARMAX offer?

YES. We will either (A) beat your CarMax offer, or (B) guarantee to mail you a $100 check for having given us the final purchase opportunity. If you sell your vehicle prior to us making you the offer the $100 is not available. We want the opportunity to purchase your vehicle, we will only pay the $100 to provide our offer prior to you selling your vehicle.

How do you buy a vehicle sight unseen? Don’t you need to see it?

We do need pictures of your vehicle with your online submission and are asking for photos so we can accurately and fairly assess the value of your vehicle. Your pictures help our buyers get top dollar for your vehicle.

Will you buy my salvage title vehicle?

YES. We will typically be a buyer at 50% of the value of a non-salvaged vehicle. All salvage-titled vehicles have, at one point, suffered damage equal to at least 50% of the vehicle’s value, impacting both the buyer and the seller.

Will you buy my vehicle with hail damage, dents, in need of bodywork?

YES. We typically don’t buy “junk” valued at less than $1,500, but we will buy vehicles that need reconditioning. That said, you must disclose the needed reconditioning in both your pictures and your description. It can be very disappointing when our inspector or transporter arrives at your location to make the exchange, only to discover that the vehicle does not match the information that was used to make our offer to you. Please be honest and up-front with the reconditioning level.

Who inspects my vehicle before you pick it up? Do I have to drive it to a location to have it inspected?

Our transporter/buyer will inspect your vehicle, match it to the description you have provided, and exchange the title for payment. You may also bring the vehicle to our drop center for quick inspection and payment, or opt for curbside service at your home or office within our service area.

Is your offer negotiable?

YES. Our offers are negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Our buying team does our best to accurately assess the value of our first offer, but we may be open to continuing the discussion.

Can I sell you a leased or financed vehicle?

YES, we can do 3rd party lease buyouts and lender payoffs as long as the bank supplies us the correct documents. Call your leaseholder/lender (your bank, the credit union, or the vehicle’s finance company), and get the current payoff amount to include when submitting your information. Leasing companies sometimes have additional fees for early termination which would affect the “take-home” amount you would receive after the sale.

What if I owe more than your purchase offer, but still want to sell?

We call this being upside down or underwater. The difference between our purchase offer and the amount owed is called negative equity. This difference will have to be paid to us at the time of possession/pickup. We will make a payoff amount to your lending institution in the amount of the purchase offer and you will provide us with the check for the difference. Put another way, we will pay the whole amount to your lender so that you are free and clear, and then you will reimburse us for whatever amount you had still owed to them.

What happens to all of the vehicles you purchase?

We redistribute them to franchise/independent dealers, other markets, large dealer groups, and auctions at a modest margin.

I lost my title — can I still sell you my vehicle?

YES. Just contact one of our team members to help walk you through the next steps.

A family member’s name is on the title, but I own it. Can I still sell it to you?

YES. We will have them fill out all the paperwork before signing the check over to you.