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Frequently Asked Questions

What to know before you sell.

How do I get paid?

Our business checks are cashable at your nearest Wells Fargo location. Other buyers, like CarMax, issue you a “draft”—which resembles a check, but it is not cashable. Their drafts are for deposit only and will not process for several days. We don’t pay with float-filled funny money as our competitors do.

Why won’t you pay me in cash?

Because it is simply not safe to carry that much cash or keep it at the office. For the safety of our drivers and our office staff, we offer bank checks which are cashable at any Wells Fargo bank.

Will you buy my salvage title vehicle?

YES. We will typically be a buyer at 50% of the value of a non-salvaged vehicle. All salvage-titled vehicles have, at one point, suffered damage equal to at least 50% of the vehicle’s value, impacting both the buyer and the seller.

A family member’s name is on the title, but I own it. Can I still sell it to you?

YES. We will have them fill out all the paperwork before signing the check over to you.

How long is my offer good for?

Offers are good for 72 hours from the date of our official offer to purchase.